Dairy Formulations

Dairy Formulations Burkmann Dairy formulations are based on over thirty-five years of consulting experience with dairy farms in our region.  From forage production, nutrition technology, to cow comfort and health Burkmann knows dairy production.

Today's dairy nutrition regime has become increasingly specialized.  For optimal results nutrition should be tailored to the needs and goals of each herd.  Forage test results, production goals, reproduction goals and cow health goals are all factors in formulating a successful nutrition program for each of our dairy clients.   Burkmann Nutritionists will work with you to formulate feed specifically for the needs of your dairy herd.

CattleGard Mineral

CattleGard is Burkmann's top-selling mineral for beef cattle.

Formulated with optimal levels of vitamin A and CTC for greater feed efficiencty. Research has proven feeding CattleGard supports cattle health especially during the stressful summer months.

RumaGard Mineral

RumaGard is a medicated free-choice mineral for beef cattle.  

Formulated to increase weight gain and to prevent and control coccidosis, Rumagard is a balanced, highly-fortified formula that has been industry standard since its introduction 30 years ago.

Rumagard is the BEST free-choice Rumensin mineral in America

Calf Creep

A high-energy pelleted 14% protein grain concentrate for feeding lightweight calves Medicated with Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis and extra weight gain Excellent for creep feeding calves before weaning Often used to feed show cattle or prep cattle for sale Energy level is high enough to "finish" beef steers and heifers for home freezer beef

Calf Starter

A highly palatable sweet textured first dry feed for baby calves.  Medicated for prevention of coccidiosis.

Complete Calf Feed

A unique pelleted starter/grower feed for baby and young calves.  Can be fed as total daily ration with no hay.  Medicated for preention of coccidiosis.

Milkmaster 38

A highly fortified pelleted supplement designed for mixing with corn to create a complete grain mix for lactating dairy cows.

Dairy Mineral

Our best free choice non-medicated mineral for dairy heifers.  Formulated to provide optimal support to lactating cows.

Dry Cow Supreme Mineral

A non-medicated free choice mineral-vitamin premix specifically designed for dry dairy cows.

Dairy Premix C

Dairy Premix C is designed to be mixed with corn silage, protein and grains to create a complete feed for dairy cows and replacement heifers.

Premier Dairy Premix

Similar to Dairy Premix C but contains organic selenium and a higher concentration of vitamin E.

Medfly Mineral ALT

A fly control mineral including Chlortetracycline (antibiotic).  For fly control and increased weight gain.

Ruma Boost

A convenient premix designed to add Rumensin to cattle feed.


A convenient premix designed to add Bovatec to cattle feed.

Decco Boost

A convenient premix designed to add Deccox to cattle feed.

Vitamin A, D3, E & Selenium Premix

A premix containing vitamins A, D, E and the vital trace mineral selenium.  To be added to feed to supply these essential nutrients.


A medicated chlortetracycline (CTC) pelleted product designed to conveniently add CTC to cattle feed.  Formulated at 10,000 mg/lb to reduce feeding rate and cost per calf.

Premier Silage Booster

A highly concentrated inoculant to speed up fermentation and reduce nutrient losses in corn silage, small grain silage and haylage.  Vastly improves silage quality.