Beef Formulations

Beef Formulations
Beef formulations are designed for the beef herd based on forages produced in our region. FORAGES FIRST with vital nutrients supplemented as needed results in more profit for beef producers.

Calf Creep

A high-energy pelleted 14% protein grain concentrate for feeding lightweight calves Medicated with Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis and extra weight gain Excellent for creep feeding calves before weaning Often used to feed show cattle or prep cattle for sale Energy level is high enough to "finish" beef steers and heifers for home freezer beef

High Mag Mineral

The Premier Hi Mag mineral in the cattle industry.  Magnesium in prilled form offers maximum utilization by the cow.  No other product compares.

Mighty Mag Mineral

Our most popular high magnesium mineral.  Feed free choice when cows are at risk of grass tetany.

Bova Gard

One few Bovatec minerals in America approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for free choice feeding to cattle.  Increases gain on pasture.

Bovamix Mineral

An economical cattle mineral with Bovatec.  Supports increased weight gain in stocker and feeder cattle and beef and dairy heifers.

Cattle Gard Mineral

Burkmann's top-selling mineral for beef cattle. Research proven to support health in cattle in summer months.


The first and only Rumensin cattle mineral formula approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for free choice feeding.  Increases gain for prevention of coccidiosis.

Premier Silage Booster

A highly concentrated inoculant to speed up fermentation and reduce nutrient losses in corn silage, small grain silage and haylage.  Vastly improves silage quality.

Ruma Boost

A convenient premix designed to add Rumensin to cattle feed.

Decco Boost

A convenient premix designed to add Deccox to cattle feed.


A convenient premix designed to add Bovatec to cattle feed.

Medfly Mineral ALT

A fly control mineral including Chlortetracycline (antibiotic).  For fly control and increased weight gain.


Medicated Mixing Mineral for Beef Cattle. For increased rate of weight gain in pastured cattle (slaughter, stocker, feeder and dairy and beef replacement heifers). A unique combination of Hi Mag with Rumensin.

I-MAX Mineral

Cattle mineral containing Bovatec and CTC.  Increased weight gain and herd health benefit of Chlortetracycline in one product.

Rumax Mineral

A Rumensin mineral for cattle for increased gain and prevention of coccidiosis.  Very competitively priced.

Cattle Gard Cube

A grain concentrate for beef cattle in cube form.  Handy for feeding on the ground.  Fed at 2-3 lbs/day.

Beef Mix 80 - RUM

Used as a protein supplement to "finish" cattle to harvest weight. An attractive option when soybean meal prices are high.

12% Stock Feed Pellet - BOV

A very versatile 12% pelleted grain concentrate containing Bovatec®. Can be fed to beef cows, calves, stocker/feeder cattle bulls and beef and dairy replacement heifers. Bovatec® increases weight gain in all types of pastured cattle
Very economically priced.

Beef Mix 45 - BOV

A 45% protein supplement with Bovatec.  Feed at 1 pound/day to replace soybean meal and provide 200 mg Bovatec.  Works great with corn silage rations.  Safer than Rumensin around horses.

Beef Mix 45 - RUM

Our most popular cattle supplement.  Feed at 1 pound/day to replace soybean meal and provide 200 mg Rumensin.  Can be mixed with grain or hand fed.  Works great with corn silage rations.

Beef Mix 32 Supreme - BOV

A pelleted all-natural protein, mineral, vitamin supplement designed for feeding to young growing cattle.  Can be hand fed or mixed with grain to create a complete grain mix.
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