Beef Formulations

Beef Formulations
Beef formulations are designed for the beef herd based on forages produced in our region. FORAGES FIRST with vital nutrients supplemented as needed results in more profit for beef producers.

12% Stock Feed Pellet - BOV

A very versatile 12% pelleted grain concentrate containing Bovatec®. Can be fed to beef cows, calves, stocker/feeder cattle bulls and beef and dairy replacement heifers. Bovatec® increases weight gain in all types of pastured cattle
Very economically priced.

Calf Creep

A high-energy pelleted 14% protein grain concentrate for feeding lightweight calves Medicated with Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis and extra weight gain Excellent for creep feeding calves before weaning Often used to feed show cattle or prep cattle for sale Energy level is high enough to "finish" beef steers and heifers for home freezer beef

Cattle Gard Cube

A grain concentrate for beef cattle in cube form.  Handy for feeding on the ground.  Fed at 2-3 lbs/day.


A medicated chlortetracycline (CTC) pelleted product designed to conveniently add CTC to LIivestock feed.  Formulated at 10,000 mg/lb to reduce feeding rate and cost.

Stress Gard

StressGard is a highly fortified, palatable, textured receiving ration for stressed cattle. Medicated with CTC and formulated for rehydration and stimulation of the immune system while reducing the effects of stress.

Beef Mix 32 Supreme - BOV

A pelleted all-natural protein, mineral, vitamin supplement designed for feeding to young growing cattle.  Can be hand fed or mixed with grain to create a complete grain mix.

Beef Mix 32 Supreme - RUM MGA

Beef Mix 32 Supreme - RUM MGA is a protein concentrate for growing beef cattle. Great for hand feeding to get calves started on feed or mix with grain to create a grain concentrate. Beef Mix 32 Supreme - RUM MGA is formulated to increase rate of weight gain in cattle (pastured slaughter, stocker, feeder cattle and dairy and beef replacement heifers).

Beef Mix 45 - BOV MGA

A unique 1 pound/day supplement containing Bovatec and MGA for increasing gain and suppression of estrus (heat) in heifers.

Beef Mix 45 - RUM

Beef Mix 45 - RUM is our most popular cattle supplement.  Feed at 1 pound/day to replace soybean meal and provide 200 mg Rumensin. Can be mixed with grain or hand fed.  Works great with corn silage rations.

Beef Mix 45 RUM - MGA

A unique 1 pound/day supplement containing Rumensin plus MGA for increasing gain and suppression of entrus (heat) in heifers.

Beef Mix 50

Protein Concentrate for Beef Cattle. Designed to be mixed with ground grains to form a grain concentrate.


A convenient premix designed to add Bovatec to cattle feed.

BovaGard Mineral

BovaGard's unique formulation controls coccidosis while increasing weight gain.

Bovamix Mineral

Bovamix is an economical mineral formulation that includes Bovatec and a blend of vitamins and essential trace minerals in order to boost quality weight gain for all classes of beef and dairy cattle.

Bovamix provides an ideal balance of economy and efficency by promoting healthy weight gain in pasture cattle.

CattleGard Mineral

CattleGard is Burkmann's top-selling mineral for beef cattle.

Formulated with optimal levels of vitamin A and CTC for greater feed efficiencty. Research has proven feeding CattleGard supports cattle health especially during the stressful summer months.

Cattlemaster 4 Mineral

Cattlemaster 4 is a 4% phosphorus free-choice cattle mineral vitamin premix for beef cattle. Formulated with high levels of vitamins and trace minerals,  Economically priced, Cattlemaster 4 is a great non-medicated cattle mineral.

Cattlemaster 6 Mineral

Cattlemaster 6 is a 6% phosphorus blend all purpose mineral.  Formulated with high levels of vitamins and trace minerals, Cattlemaster 6 is a great choice if you are seeking a non-medicated mineral.

CoProduct Fortifier - RUM

A balancer mineral with Rumensin for feeding with grain byproducts like corn gluten feed and soybean hulls.  Corrects mineral imbalance in gluten feed and soy hulls.

Decco Boost

A convenient premix designed to add Deccox to cattle feed.

High Mag Mineral

Our best product for prevention of grass tetany. High Mag Mineral is the premier high magnesium mineral premix in the cattle industry.

High-Mag Mineral specially blended formula utilizes the prilled form of magnesium which is easier for cattle to absorb and significantly decreases dust.

I-MAX Mineral

I-MAX cattle mineral blends Bovatec and CTC plus our highest levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, copper and zinc to support maximum health, especially during stressful conditions. 

I-MAX is our best cattle mineral for use during non-grass tetany months.
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